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Use of Pegvisomant in acromegaly. An Italian Society of Endocrinology guideline

A. Giustina • M. R. Ambrosio • P. Beck Peccoz • F. Bogazzi • S. Cannavo’ • L. De Marinis • E. De Menis • S. Grottoli • R. Pivonello

Acromegaly management is a significant challenge for endocrinologists. The Acromegaly Consensus Group developed several statements on the management of acromegaly and specifically on its medical treatment [1–3]. Acromegaly is a quite rare condition generally caused by a growth hormone (GH)-secreting pituitary adenoma [4]. Delayed diagnosis leads to prevalent presentation of the disease at the stage of macroadenoma (two-thirds of patients) and frequent persistence of active disease after surgery which remains in many patients the primary treatment option....


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